How Sweet Do You Taste the Blueberry with Your Lover?

I just can say the background music and camera shots are very perfectly reflecting the romance of the loves around the city..New York, Memphis....

8455娱乐场,Recently,there is a very populor movie,Do you know?the third ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend.Look at this name of the film,it attracted many people go to watch,somebody maybe was lovelorn,they want watch this movie for experincing the similar experiences and feelings,they want to sense from falling the love to break out love as a third part.Somebody are also still in love,but lovers must have arguments more or less,they are curious about this movie,they want know the whole process how does two lovers break out.

Having seen the film, the first foreign film directed by Wong Kar-wai. I don't appreciate the whole story being like that at all. As we know, the leading actor and actress should be Jude Law and Norah Jones, however, you can see there are two long stories in the film featuring Natalie Portman and Rachel Weisz. It is okay if these two short stories are reflecting how Norah Jones learnt and felt from what she met during the journey. I would say this kind of expression technique is very hollywood-style, which is very boring for me to be into the feeling of love between Jude Law and Norah Jones. It is also a suddenness for me to know they can easily fall in love each other only based on the postcards and one sight feeling. Norah Jones is still missing the days and nights with the ex-boy friend in the film, however, eventually she will suddenly feel she could love Jude Law by no sense. It could make sense that Jude Law would love Norah Jones when she talked to him accidentally, but I cannot feel Noral Jones has ever changed her love from ex-boyfriend to Judy Law. Accroding to the two stories during her jouney, we definitely believe that Norah is learning how to forget her ex-boyfriend and eventually cannot get the feeling out of herself.

I belong to the second part,let is together to see the story.there are two couple lovers,Mengyun and Yujia is a kind of couple like most lovers characters,Yufei and Dingdian is a couple who are alway quarreling because of little things.Mengyun and Yufei are good friend with each other.They alway together eating or drinking alcohol together,they complain their girlfriend with each other.Mengyun think that he always need apologize to her girlfriend even if his girlfriend make mistake,he is tired about way to get along with her,he can't realize what does his girlfriend think,he hope sometimes his girlfrind can initiative to show good but not only him.Yufei likes to talk with different girls,he looks has single emotion,actually,he has colorful emotional experiences.they two couples are breaking up because little things.every of them is painful.they still love each other,but nobody admit mistakes firstly.they two good friend Mengyun and Yunfei go to the bar to drink alcohol.they tell each other they can not admit their mistakes and show good to their girlfriend.finally,mengyun and his girlfriend are break out,yufei and his girlfriend are break out already,then they quarrel for excuses then composite. their model to get along with are similar with most mordern people.they close to reality,many break up couples will recombination.

You would fall in love with Blueberry, which is expressing how sweet your love is and if you taste it, you cannot help eating up with your lover.

    Don’t do sth that you will regret,It is not easy to see the right person in the people sea.Please cherish your lover,Don’t say goodbye at random.don’t look for oppsite sex because of angry.communication is the best way to solve the problems,when you want to break up with your girlfriend or boyfriend,why not have a talk about your idea without is not deserve to lose your partner because of an apology change a people who can accompony with you forever.on the contrary,if  you really can stand other’s most things,please just break up as soon as possible and don't insist on.sometimes let your partner go also is a kind of love.i hope all of us can thinking more ,and never miss your right partener.

It is not easy to meet a right person.many lovers may break up because of little things.If an apology can change back into your love.a couple whose characteristics are similar or complement, who two more fit to fall in love.I think it depends on,in this movie,menyun and linjia don't like express their feelings and emotions.they are depressed.finally they break up although they love each other.yufei and dingdian they two nearly argue everyday,they always  complain other’s disadvantages directly.finally,they accept each other .so please follow your heart,lovers need express their feelings and emotions to each other sincerely.if you fit to each other ,Don’t miss each other.

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